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Monastery Icons
Our Lady of GuadlupeThe Monastery Icons collection of sacred art is a unique, modern testimony to the timeless ancient, classical tradition of Christian iconography. And the Monastery Icons Website is your online source for icons, incense, sacred art and gifts.

In the ancient tradition of Christian sacred art, icons are frequently called "Windows into Heaven," for through them we receive a vision of the spiritual world. Iconography is the original tradition of sacred art in both the Western and Eastern Churches, and began with Saint Luke the Evangelist, who painted icons of the Virgin Mary – a face he himself had seen.

Over the past twenty-years Monastery Icons have been an inspiration to thousands of churches, homes and schools. The online Monastery Icons catalog includes over 200 icons of the most beloved themes of sacred art. We hope you will find them, as did one priest who wrote us, "a joy to behold."

Visit the Monastery Icons website at monasteryicons.com to find a great selection of icons and sacred art in a full range of sizes and formats.
Monastery Icons' Pages
Icons from Monastery Icons
Monastery Icons' icon of Christ the Teacher.
Reproductions of this icon can be purchased in sizes from 4" tall to 24" tall, and even bigger!   Visit the Monastery Icons website for more information.
Monastery Incense
FOR CENTURIES MONASTERIES AND CHURCHES HAVE USED INCENSE to enhance the beauty of their services and uplift the hearts and minds of the worshippers. Unfortunately we have all experienced how second-rate incense can have just the opposite effect, distracting the congregation with its poor fragrance and quality. but you don't have to settle for inferior incense. Thousands of churches throughout the United States have discovered MONASTERY INCENSE is the solution to the "incense problem" in their parish...and it can be the answer for your parish, too!

The fragrant clouds of Monastery Incense will ascend from your censer in a consistently pleasing and long-lasting scent, without the choking or "burnout" so common with other brands of incense.

Monastery Incense is available in twelve unique fragrances, as well as assorment packs of the most popular scents. Visit the Monastery Incense page of MonasteryIcons.com to discover why Monastery Incense has become the most popular incense in America!
Monastery Icon - How to Paint an Icon Video
Monastery Icons icon of the Sweet Kissing.   Based on the classic pose of the Madonna and Child called eleusa (compassionate one). This icon of the Sweet Kissing emphasizes the tender and trusting relationship between the Virgin Mary and the Christ Child.
Reproductions of this icon can be purchased in sizes from 4" tall to 24" tall, and even bigger! Visit the Monastery Icons website for more information.
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Monastery Icons – How to Paint an Icon Video